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New service documentation for AMI lifts


Dear AMI Product Dealers, we are pleased to announce that with effect from September 1, 2017 all hydraulic lifts that were produced by AUTO MOTIVE INDUSTRIAL will be supplied with the “Service Book” of the lifting device.

Service books are for three types of the lifting device



Two Post

Hydraulic Lifts


Four Post

Hydraulic Lifts


Mobile Single

Hydraulic Lifts



Service Book serves as a registration book for the hydraulic lift and includes all the information about the device, such as serial numbers of parts, date of manufacturer, date of warranty commencement etc.
If the product is activated into a 10-year warranty mode, the service book is one of the carriers that qualify the product for a 10-year warranty after its activation.
There are three language versions of service books currently available, i.e. Czech, English and German.

Training materials as well as presentations for product introduction into the 10-year warranty system are prepared.



If you are interested in training of service technicians or sales teams, please enter your request at the following e-mail address


You will be contacted in return and a possible date of training will be discussed.

Thank you,

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